What is Gullane Glögg?

Gullane Glögg is a new drinks mixer, a delicious combination of orange infused with spices,

which can either be added to red wine to make warming mulled wine

or blended with prosecco for a wonderful wintery chilled treat.

Gullane Glögg is available in 2 sizes of bottle

The 50cl bottle, designed as the original Mulled Wine Mix.

This bottle will mix with approximately 3-4 bottles of red wine to make a delicious simple mulled wine, ready to serve in minutes.

The advantage of it being a ready to use liquid mix is that you can make as little or as much as you like,

if you fancy just 1 glass* of mulled wine just heat 1 glass* of wine with Gullane Glögg to taste!

RRP £11.99 per bottle

The 25cl bottle, designed as the Winter Fizz Blend.

This bottle will make about 25 glasses of Winter Fizz, with a generous splash of Gullane Glögg all that is needed to add a taste of cosy winteriness to your preferred sparkling wine, it is also delicious with still white wine.

RRP £7.99 per bottle

Both bottles can be used for either hot mulled wine or chilled winter fizz, the smaller bottle is ideal for those who prefer the winter fizz as less Gullane Glögg mix is needed, the larger bottle is ideal for social gatherings enjoying it as mulled wine.


*Always make sure you serve in a heat resistant receptacle - glass may shatter with the heat!